December 5, 2010

Logo, Flyer & Roll Up Designs

My new Flyer Design for a Winter Workshop to be held in Doha during December.
The challenge was to design something (for kids) that one cannot identify seeing 
my old designs and this one, that they are from the same designer.
Do you feel I accomplished the challenge?

 Front of the flyer

The main attraction of this workshop is the Musical Theatre Workshop
 Back of the flyer

A3 size posters are also displayed in all major supermarkets of Qatar.

Below is the logo created in BW and coloured to be used for all publishing by the IAID.

The below Roll Up (80X200 cm) was displayed at the Villagio mall near the water canal entrance.

Feeling happy to see my work around in Qatar :)


  1. I'm thrilled by seeing this :) Great works my dear :) Hugs!!

  2. Amazing ... really love the penguin ...

  3. u r suprrrrrrrebb duperrrrr .... just loved the design .. ;-))

  4. Thanks a lot ji...

  5. Thanks sukhdeep :)


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