February 21, 2015

New Painting - Pink Tree

Let me leave this world 
A little more beautiful

by creating more 
by loving more 
by sharing more

Using all the energy I have 
In creating 
In loving
In meditating 
In sharing all

As everything and everyone is going to be taken away anyways

So why not love them now
Why not create something now
Why not share ones possessions and being now

Let us leave this world 
A little more beautiful...


Yes, I am very happy. This creation has made me dance, made me explore new dimensions of my being. I just feel so joyful and grateful for this tree through me :)


  1. Great. Keep it up. God bless you, our most darling Sandeep & your tree, its leaves, stem, branches &roots.

  2. You've Outdone Yourself ! “All work of art look as though they were done in joy.” Thumbs Up !!!

  3. Thank you Papaji

    Thank you dinesh ji

    With the bloom of the tree, I too bloomed :) :) :) :)

  4. Keep Creating :) !!
    Enjoy !!

  5. Tanu.. The work is truly amazing!! We loved the choice of colors used .... We would love to feature your work on our blog under inspiration category.. Let us know if you are interested ..
    Our website is https://dekorizzle.com
    Blog: https://dekorizzle.com/blog
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dekorizzle
    Also .. If you are interested then we would require more info on how you did this so that it will be a great inspiration for our website visitors .... We would love to add your pic on our instagram account too.. #dekorizzle

    1. Thank you dear Rashmi...
      I would enjoy sharing on your blog too...

      Please let me know what other information would you need.
      Colours used are fabeic.
      No sketching

      With the blooming of this tree
      I too bloomed :) :)

    2. Sorry rashmi,
      I missed your message on the facebook group...since had to delete the link.
      Could not find your contact so replying again to this message.
      Please let me know again of the required information and also the link to your website.

      Thank you :)


Thanks for your message :)