February 14, 2015

Notes from Heal & kNow Diary

After meeting many clients and friends for Heal & kNow, we feel
It is the journey of becoming soft as a child from the stiff that we have become.
Our stiffness 
Our rigidity
Is a result of the Burdens we carry
The burden of all the GOOD THAT I DID for others
And all the BAD THAT OTHERS have done to me
We carry hurts and we carry aversions.
These aversions then lead to fears.

But we are burdened because of our wrong perspective of the situation
otherwise how come everyone's 'I' is a good doer and others 'you' is a wrong doer.

This is how mind works...
Mind tells us
I have done this for him and that for him
And look what he/she has done to me.

Futile are our burdens and it is only OUR WRONG PERSPECTIVE.
We NEVER DOUBT our mind.

And the cost we pay for this is very high
It is with our softness...resulting in becoming rigid
It is with our love....carrying aversions
It is with our clarity ....and becoming slave of the negative mind.

The journey has to be again traveled ....This Time becoming
more Aware
more Loving

The journey of regaining our Softness of the child and letting go of everything that is an obstacle.

At healandknow, everyday we are working with variety of people helping them overcome the obstacles to their real nature.
By helping them, we are helping ourselves.
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