May 5, 2017

Gratitude to parents!

Books read this year:

The book of Nanak
Timeless in time: Sri Ramana Maharshi
Zen masters of China: the first step east: Zen stories
The principal Upanishads: the essential philosophical foundation of Hinduism (In progress)
Japji Saab - The True Name: by Osho (In progress)
Ramakrishna Parables:  by Ramakrishna Paramhansa
An ocean of the ultimate meaning: teachings on Mahamudra by Thrangu, Rinpoche
The Jewel Tree of Tibet: by Robert Thurman
Joyful wisdom: Buddhist book by Yongey Mingyur, Rinpoche

No, that was nowhere a resolution of this year. Like everything just happens...reading too.
We are blessed to have Toronto Public Library at a walking distance, and we're taking full advantage of it.

One of the joys of going home in Jalandhar is the small library on the first floor and reading such beautiful collection of books. My father has been an avid reader and has been collecting all material so that someday we might read them. And thankfully, both of us (me and my brother) find joy in reading. Sitting on the chair or lying on the dewan, looking out of the windows, I have enjoyed reading many books from his collection and added few more. Even beloved Chachu has been an avid reader. The way papa and chachu have been talking about books, it appears to the listener as if they are talking about diamonds and precious jewels. 
Now I know that they were. :)

Immensely grateful to my father and mother to give an environment of meditation, books, and creativity. My mother being a great painter (someday I will exhibit her paintings too), gave me a womb of creativity and meditation. She was painting and meditating the entire 9 months. My father being very technical has imparted his intellectual skills :). By the way, for those who do not know, I work as a Big Data Specialist. Also, himself and chachu are amazing photographers. They have always been so compassionate to animals, birds and trees that we learnt to love and respect all beings. Since our childhood, we used to protect, love and feed animals. We never had a materialistically rich childhood but it was indeed artistically, intellectually and spiritually rich.

My parents deserve my gratitude for life, for providing with such an enriching upbringing.

Apart from expressing my deepest gratitude to dear parents, what else can I do to give them something in return? I had been thinking of this for many years and many years back, I realised that the only gift I can give is to realise my true self,
to become so peaceful, so joyful,
to find the truth of my being, of my existence. 
So that while they are in this body,
I can share my peace with them, 
I can be of medium to realise their own Truth
before they leave their current bodies
(and may Grace be with them, that they do not need another one). 
All of them being on their own spiritual journey in the divine plan, I do not know if this is anywhere possible or needed, but it has been a calling of this child of them.

With Love

The longing and love encompasses all


  1. We (my spouse & i) are forever grateful to existence for gracing us with such divine children as Manu, Tanu & Sandeep. Watching them grow to their full potential has been a benediction, indeed.
    May the Existence shower all its blessings on them.

    1. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😚

  2. Amazing great example of living. .


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